Month Four. Reserve. #SEA.

So, as some of you might already know, I'm pretty new to this whole airline industry thing, but I've already set some big goals. It isn't that I'm not happy with where I'm at, it's just this instinctive habit of looking up at the sky and telling myself that I should keep aiming higher and dreaming bigger.

So far it's been a crazy ride, taking me from unhappy waitress to failed airline interviews to new career to new blog to to an even bigger job offer and a few more opportunities that might be in the works.

And it feels good. I'm proud of myself and excited to keep setting goals and to keep being challenged.

Some of you guys reading this might already be flight attendants or airline employees. Or you might be dreamers, hoping to one day go to work in the sky. A few people have asked me advice on how to work towards their sky-high goals, and while I don't claim to be an expert, here are a few things I have learned in the last few months that I would like to share.

1. Smile. Whether you're in an interview, first day on the job or your last day at the job you hated, just smile. Even if you don't feel like it, smiling can trick your brain into thinking that you're happy. And positive thinking is a magical thing.

2. Keep trying. Goals, especially ones like acing an airline interview, are tough. And you might not make it on the very first try. Or the fifth. It takes time to figure out exactly what to say and how to get noticed in a sea of eager candidates. Don't get discouraged.

3. Get pumped. Give yourself a pep talk before heading out the door. Shoot a few selfies and own it. Even better, surround yourself with people who will send you off to your big day with a pep rally and high fives and "you are AWESOME" and then have aforementioned supportive people meet you at the door with cake and beer when you get home, no matter how the day went.

4. Don't leave your personality at the door. Even though you might think you're supposed to act a certain way or be a certain person, don't fake it. Bring your whole self and let others see it -- employers want experience and professionalism, but most of all they want a real person behind that amazing smile.

5. Enjoy the ride. There will be crazy job opportunities. There will be huge group interviews. There will be first days and last days. Appreciate every moment, savor the chaos, and enjoy meeting new people (and you will meet some of the coolest people at airline interviews!). This is your life, and without a few ups and downs it wouldn't be as interesting.

Happy Flying!


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