Be well.

I worry too much. About being on time. About missing out on things. About how I look, how I come across.

Today I had a moment where I was running from one errand to the next, all in preparation for the big airline interview on Tuesday. I was in a panic, trying to get to the print shop before they closed, to print out resumes and references. I was just a hot mess: soaked from the rain with the contents of my bag spilled out on the counter (nylons, lint rollers and cat food). And then I see my bus roll by. The one I was supposed to catch.

And I just about lost it.

But then I remembered a conversation I had with a woman named Rosa. I hang out at this amazing little coffee shop / art collective which is mostly run by a group of strong Latina women. Every time I stop by it is a flurry of hugs and "Spanglish" and usually the conversation ends up being about art and body image and gender politics and general positivity. Good stuff.

The other morning Rosa stopped what she was doing and said, "You are beautiful." Of course, I blushed and scoffed and did the normal girl thing of refuting such a wonderful compliment. She cut me off and shushed me. "No," she said. "Don't do that. Just accept the compliment. Say thank you, and then believe in yourself. Even if you don't feel beautiful or put together or confident, just believe that you are, and it will be."

I smiled and offered the colloquial saying. ", fake it 'til you make it?"

Rosa laughed. "¡Si! Fake it 'til you make it!"

So this is my new plan. A smile can trick your body and mind into feeling positive, and will make others happy in the process. Owning my look (frizzy haired cat lady look included) and radiating confidence (even if I don't feel it) and telling myself that the next bus will arrive and everything will be okay.

Be well, and beautiful things will happen.


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