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Year Five. #PNW.

Whether you're an international country-hopping air hostess, a regional puddle-jumping stew or just a jetlagged travel addict, here are a few rules that I've discovered throughout my journey.

Here's to creating the (almost) perfect flight attendant life (but embracing the chaos along the way).

Be on time for work, always. (But make your date wait an extra five minutes.)

Get that cocktail on your layover. (But stop on drink number two.)

Learn how to pack, like, really well.

Don’t skimp on shoes.

Always carry an extra pair of nylons (or trouser socks, for the guys).

Don’t iron. Ever. (I’m serious!)

Don’t skip the phone call home, even if the crew is crying ‘downstairs in ten’. That call home is your lifeline.

Check for bedbugs, every. single. time. Even at the ‘good’ hotels.

Unplug your hotel room phone.

Be a slam clicker.

Don’t be a slam clicker.

Do what you want.

Cry on the jumpseat (jumpseat therapy is a thing and oohhh if that worn old board could talk...)

Invest in …

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