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Year Four. Month Seven. #BLI.

It does get better, you know.

I've been there.

The endless airline applications.The "thanks but no thanks" (TBNT) e-mails. The hours spent typing in your job history information, your personal information, your most intimate details, hoping that the summer you spent serving ice cream or the short nanny gig your sophomore year might help you stand out against all of the (thousands; tens of thousands even) other applicants.

The rejection.

The sliver of hope moments, the invitations to interview, the holding your breath as you purchase a full fare airline ticket to go interview in a faraway city; hoping this is the last ticket you'll ever have to buy and the first of many faraway cities you'll get to explore.

The absolute failure moments. 

Why did I not listen to the online advice and wear a black pantsuit? I'm the only one in a pale yellow blouse and pink heels!
Why did I not bring a pen? What is wrong with me? 
Why did I answer that quest…

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