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Year Four. Month Eight. #BLI.

There was a beautiful sunset tonight.

I watched it from my car, while driving between someplace and another place, between airports and airplanes and here and there.

I texted my partner Tim about it, and as I did I thought about all the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we had watched together in various places: our first date in Seattle years ago, in Japan and Korea and Mexico while traveling the world together, on our beautiful Whidbey Island where Tim proposed and most recently in Costa Rica, on our honeymoon.

Watching the sun appear and disappear with someone you love is always the best.

It feels like a sweet afternoon nap on an old worn couch. It feels like a warm mug of tea in your kitchen on a grey day. It feels like home, no matter where you are.

But, as always, home is a funny concept.

Especially for me. Now.

We sold our home back in August, ready for a big move away from our pretty little island. We found what we thought was our dream home, pale yell…

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