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Year Four. Month One. #SEA.

So, I know that everyone and their mom has an opinion about the guy who got dragged off of a United Express flight last week.

Full disclosure: I haven't watched the whole video yet. I've seen the gory photos and heard the audio.

I haven't watched it in full because I've seen similar situations unfold in front of me as an active safety professional in the airline industry.

That's right, I'm a flight attendant. And I also have an opinion, and if you'd care to listen, I'd love to share it.

Overbooking, or overselling is a common, and timeless tradition in the transportation, entertainment and hospitality industries. Many business models, like commercial aviation, operate on a tightrope-like budget, with a thin margin of profit. Since the deregulation of the airline industry, ticket prices are now more competitive and variable than ever, which means you may score a sweet Memorial Day weekend deal and the airlines will slide by, just…

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