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Milk Run.

Year Four. Month One. #SE.

The wind tastes wild.

Cold, glacial air sweeps down off the mountains and lands on my tongue; but the essence of ice and adventure dissipates quickly.

I want this adventure. I want this life. I want this, now, forever.

And I have wanted this for a while.

When the recruiters called my name into that small room almost one year ago, I couldn't wait to start my new adventure in the forty-ninth state.

But life is funny, and the airline industry is ever changing.

When I assumed that I would be based in Anchorage, I got Seattle. When I was told I'd be doing Arctic turns and trips to Red Dog and seasonal flights to King Salmon and milk runs on the combi, I thought, cool, bring it on.

But this adventure has been a little different than I would have ever imagined.

My first layover was Orlando, Florida. Next was New Orleans, Louisiana, and then I had a stretch of Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco. My most common layovers have been Phoenix and Maui, and I just got bac…

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