Life is funny. You think you want something so badly and you dwell on it and form this dream and then the moment comes and everything just comes crashing down around you and sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh really, really hard.

On a totally unrelated note, my interview on Monday went really, really badly.

Like, bad.

I woke up a little late after a Sunday evening Scrabble tournament (yes, you read that right). I felt out of kilter and blamed it on the lack of sleep and early hour. I got ready, grabbed my bag and jumped on the light rail down to the hotel where interviews were taking place.

Did I mention that it was pouring rain?

By the time I arrived, the rain had managed to somehow melt my face makeup and redistribute my face powder, blush and mascara all over my outfit. I ran to the bathroom and tried to scrub everything out but ended up with blotchy beige marks all over my blazer. Strike one.

I signed in, still twenty minutes early. When I sat down, I noticed that everyone had a bit of paperwork that I seemed to be missing. Upon inquiry, I learned that the company had e-mailed a document last minute that I was supposed to print out and bring. And I didn't have it. And I was the only one. Strike two.

Now I felt more than just out of kilter. I felt disaster approaching. Frantically I attempted to gather my paperwork and smooth out the wrinkles. Just a rough start, I thought, as we gathered for the first round of group interviews. Nothing more.

By the time I was called upon to stand up and read a scenario card, I was a wreck. Everyone in the group interview was so ...aggressive. My previous idea of stressing the importance of positivity and an upbeat attitude seemed ridiculous, especially now with my ruffled appearance and obvious lack of organizational skills.

As I started to speak I shakily grabbed my thermos to sip some tea. And then it happened. The entire lid came flying off and I poured twenty ounces of hot tea all over my chest. In front of everyone. In the one interview that I waited a year and a half to get. Oh. my. god.

As I smiled and read my scenario card, ignoring my burnt chest, soaked blouse (white was not a good idea today) and the tears welling in my eyes, I decided to go all in.

"Well, if you're looking for someone who can make the best out of a messy situation, I'm the one!"

I didn't get the job.


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