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Year Five. Month One. #SEA You guys, I have to be completely honest. I've been feeling a little lost as of late. Ever since I transitioned from my little regional airline to big mainline dream airline, I've been struggling with a real sense of disconnect . My regional days were all of fourteen small town layovers, a few dozen good folks in my domicile, two aircraft types and a million and a half adventures and smiles and memories. Mainline has been jaw-dropping tropical layovers , big city jet-setting, wonderful benefits and almost ten thousand crewmembers system-wide who come in and out of pairings and turns and trips. I often barely get a chance to catch a name. I rarely hear their stories. It's overwhelming . It's isolating . I feel like the kid who graduates high school amongst her best friends and moves on to a big college town where no one knows her favorite pizza toppings or how she takes her coffee or what she has in her heart for her li

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