Year Three. Month Eight. #PDX.

Dinner for one at a #PDX food truck.

It's one of those perfect, lonely fall nights on my layover here in Portland.

I spent the afternoon strolling the downtown Pearl District . I got lost in the stacks of books at Powell's, I grabbed a short latte at Stumptown and spent a few hours curled up in a chair in the lobby of the Ace Hotel reading and sipping coffee. At dusk, I stopped by the food trucks and perused the Sunday evening options. Noodles were calling my name, and for under ten dollars I walked away with chicken Pad Thai and a pineapple bubble tea.

It's one of those in-between times. Summer is over, harvest festivals and Halloween just passed but the Holidays have not yet arrived. The weather isn't sure what it's supposed to be doing and I'm not sure what I'm doing either.

Another day, another hotel lobby.

Back at my hotel, I find a quiet spot in the lobby and pull out my laptop to write. My life feels so divided right now. My new airline job is essentially perfect. My layovers are a dream. I was at the top of the Hancock building in Chicago sipping a martini last week, swimming with the sea turtles in Maui yesterday and wandering wonderful old Portland today.

But with all the adventures in the world and all the opportunities to go find them, my heart feels pulled most towards the adventure at home.

So much is happening right now. I am getting married. We are working on our house, future investments and our extended family is growing. It's an exciting time, and I don't want to be missing out any more than I have to be.

Wonderful friends on my wonderful island. #PNWisBest

Is this what growing up feels like?

I love my job. I love my layover life. I love my sense of wanderlust. But mostly I love that I can have all this and my home life.

There will always be things that I miss out on. Holidays will happen when they happen. And I know that weekends will not exist for me for about ten years. But that's okay. Life happens in the in-between moments, and I know I'll be there for the everyday moments that I cherish.

Tonight I will work an all-nighter to Anchorage, then back to Seattle, and then I'm done for my work block. Home is calling my name right now, even more than this Pad Thai or snorkeling in Wailea or drinks in the Signature Lounge in Chicago.

Wish you were here with me in #ORD. </3

Tomorrow is "go home day." I can't wait.

Happy Flying!


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