New Year.

Year Two. Month Nine. #SEA.

The sky is inky, silky and shimmering with electric excitement. I walk away from the shuttle bus and towards the back of the SeaTac employee parking lot. My car is in the corner, waiting for me after a long day of flying standby, trying to get back to Seattle from the Midwest. Sixteen hours of waiting for my name to be called, being rolled over onto waitlist after waitlist. And when that moment happened, when my name was called, all I could think of was this: getting home.

The roar of a 737 landing jolts me back to the present. My air comes out in little grey clouds as I watch the flying machine swoop over my head and land on the runway on the other side of the fence. I shiver from the energy. I consider sitting on the dewey grass and watching the planes land all night.

Only a flight attendant would consider ringing in the new year at the airport.

I grin and remember what is awaiting me: a houseful of friends. I drive into the city and arrive to a flurry of hugs and someone handing me a glass of champagne. The night is relaxed, just a half dozen folks curled up on the couch with mugs of libations and the fireworks on TV. I am in my pajamas at 9:30 and asleep by 12:15. It's perfect.

Maybe this is what getting older is all about. Knowing what's really important.

I think back to all the new years eve festivites of my twenties: Lumped in the back of a cab in Manhattan, dancing with friends in Capitol Hill, black tie affairs in tiny apartments where we pretended that Andre was a fine vintage, whiskey and card games in the East Village, glitter and tequila and a million blurry polaroids from coast to coast.

It's been a good decade.

And it's been another good year. This year was different. My priorities are shifting. I want more nights in. More time at home. My couch and my cat and my boyfriend are my favorite things. I love my friends, but instead of wild nights out dancing we sit and sip coffee and talk about life. I want to love and learn and cherish every moment.

Maybe I've grown up a little this year.

I can't wait to see what 2016 will bring.

Happy New Year!


  1. Great post! Happy New Year Celessa!! You are very wise!


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