Month Eight. #Lineholder. #SEA

Things are changing for the better. The winds are ceasing and the waters are calming. I'm exhaling for the first time in eight months.

The first year of this job is rough. Really, really rough. And I should count myself lucky, because for many larger airlines, the first year stretches into 3-5 years of commuting, reserve schedules and missing out on life.

Working for a smaller airline has it's benefits, and moving up in seniority is definitely a big advantage. But when I started this job, I knew none of this. I was just told to sit tight, hold on and get ready for the rocky first year.

And it has been rocky. The surprise of being based in Minneapolis for the first two months. Commuting. The constant stress of getting to work. Being homeless in my own city for a month, toting around suitcases, my cat and my boyfriend. Being beyond broke (Goodbye credit, hello debt!). Struggling to balance my relationship and my health and my sanity. Working on my birthday, missing out on important events. Hotels. Airports. And being on planes. Always.

But I made it this far. And I'm optimistic about the future. I'm a fighter. Let's do this for another six months.

And then today I opened my work e-mail. And there it was, like an early prison release. Bids were out, and I had been awarded a full-time, permanent schedule starting December 1. With the days off I wanted. And great trips. And Christmas Eve and Christmas off work.


I know that I am being lucky to move up in seniority this fast. Most flight attendants won't spend a holiday at home in five years. And the industry is constantly changing. I could be back on reserve by January. Or I might never sit on-call again in my life. Who knows.

What I do know is that I am grateful for each month and day that I have this job, and proud of myself for weathering the storm. There may be rough waters ahead, but for now I will grab hold of this life line that I have been handed, and enjoy the calm.

Happy Flying!


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