Month Five. Reserve. #SEA.

It's unseasonably hot here and Seattle, and as a true Pacific Northwesterner, I don't know what to do with myself in this weather. I own more flannels and sweaters than shorts and tank tops, and my pale skin doesn't play well with the sun.

I want it to cool down. Hot weather makes me antsy, and antsy feet make me want to travel somewhere crisp and fall-like, maybe New York City, or Amsterdam.

But, oh yeah, I'm broke.

What to do? I've been playing the "make do with what ya got" game lately, and trying to enjoy life while on a flight attendant budget. Although, realistically, I won't be dining at the Eiffel Tower with the current state of my checking account, or jumpseating to Dubai; I'm learning a few tips and tricks for satisfying a healthy case of wanderlust, even when big travel plans may not be feasible.

First of all, switch up your routine. Instead of waking up at the last minute and running to work in a rush, or sleeping all day and waiting for Crew Support to call you with a trip, wake up nice and early and go on a brisk, AM walkabout, bike ride or run. Find a nice little park or hit up the coffee shop or bakery right when they open. First espresso of the day and an oven-fresh croissant will make you feel like you're in Paris, even if you're just down the street from home.

Figure out the free days for local museums and art galleries. Dress up like you're a rich European socialite, and stroll around with a journal or sketchbook.

Plan a day trip with friends out to the countryside. Wear vintage clothing and bring a picnic basket. Take photos and Instagram them, tagging your adventure with #wishyouwerehere and #getoutoftown.

Jealous of that one friend who is constantly globetrotting and posting ridiculously amazing photos to social media? Message them and ask if they want to help throw a theme dinner, with cuisine, games and movies from the country they visited. Encourage them to share their experiences and everyone will get to take a free journey for an evening.

If you are pining for a faraway place, but it's just not in the budget ... take a journey through the magic of literature! Hang out in a dusty old bookstore (browsing is free!) or grab your library card and hit up the local biblioteca. For a list of my current favorite reads, click here.

If you do get a few days off, brainstorm cities where you have a friend who would let you crash on their couch, even if your friend has to work during the day. Jumpseat over to that city, and spend a day or two in your friend's town, exploring on foot and reading in the park. You may not have the money to do all the tourist-y things in town, but just wandering can sometimes be the best experience of all.

For more tips and tricks on how to satisfy a healthy case of wanderlust without leaving home, check out LiveLikeYoureTraveling on Instagram.

Happy Wandering!


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