Colorado Springs.

Month Three. Reserve. #COS

Colorado Springs on a Sunday morning is beautiful. I wake up a little later than I plan on, but soon navigate my way downtown, where I am greeted by beautiful buildings and friendly folks. I find the King's Chef Diner, overlooking Acacia park, and dive into a pile of delicious hashbrowns and a mug of good hot coffee. I make friends at the counter, meeting the owner and some regulars, all pro mountain bikers. The afternoon takes me all around downtown, wandering through Acacia park and a little farmer's market, past the river and, when it briefly starts to rain, I duck into the Phantom Canyon Brewery for a lovely sampler of ales and lagers. By mid-afternoon, I am the tiniest bit sunburnt but full of good food and beers and ready for a break. Poor Richard's Used Books is exactly what I need. I hole myself up in a corner and explore travel books. After my bookstore recovery time, it's time for a frozen treat at Josh and John's Homemade Ice Cream. The day is hot and its a race with the sun to finish my Dutch Chocolate waffle cone. By this time I am ready to retreat back to the hotel, and enjoy a little poolside sunbathing. I finish off the day with my crew, grabbing margaritas and guacamole at the adjacent Chili's and collapse into bed wondering how I have the most amazing job in the entire world.

This morning I woke up early, got to the airport and said goodbye to my lovely little layover city. Falling in love with a place is a wonderful feeling. I have such a long list of cities that I am infatuated with, and I know that the list will keep on growing.


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