Year Three. Month Two. #SIT.

The air cuts crisply through my hair as I lower the main cabin door, opening onto a world of wild, wild wonder.

We have just landed into Sitka and it's my first trip of the season to the great state of Alaska.

Summer brings seemingly eternal sunshine to this normally dark and frozen landscape. Even now, at almost eight at night, the sun shines fiercely through the light mist surrounding the rocky coastline of Baranof Island.

I stand near the front galley as my passengers disembark, thanking them as they leave the aircraft. I revel at each grin as my travelers see the jagged mountains and feel the fresh air on their faces as they step down the simple ramp onto the tarmac. I hear a chorus of wows and gasps as visitors to this region experience the Alaskan landscape for the first time.

Alaska is pure magic.

It's not my first time here, or to the state of Alaska for that matter. But my heart beats a little faster as I walk off the airplane and I feel romanced all over again. The other flight attendant, a Minneapolis-based gal, squeals when her feet touch the ground. The Captain sighs as he cranes his neck towards the sky. It's the first time here for the both of them.

And it's love at first sight.

Our crew of four can barely contain our excitement. We ask a ramp agent to take a photo of us in front of our little regional jet and we grin wildly as she counts down to the flash.

Back at the hotel we run upstairs to change and run back down again to explore. We only have ten hours and eight minutes to see the sights and we don't want to waste a single precious minute.

We walk down to a local pub with a view of the water and enjoy fish and chips and local Alaskan Brewing ales.

At nine in the evening, the light still shines and we take a walk down by the water.

It never gets old, this place.

In the morning we wake up but the sun had already beat us to the sky. We arrive at our aircraft and I stand on the ramp, watching a gorgeous Alaska Airlines 737 take off towards Juneau. The sun is shining and the winds are just right. I feel a surge of happiness and know that this place holds a special place in my heart.

I know I'll be back here very soon.

Just wait.


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