Year Two. Month Twelve. #AUS #DFW #PDX #GEG #SEA

Hello, Texas. Let's hang.
The last thirty-six hours have been a trip.

Wednesday night: Driving from beautiful Whidbey Island to Seattle at sunset. Catching a quick thirty minute flight to Portland. Working a redeye to Dallas/Fort Worth. Jumpseating on a shuttle flight to Austin. Live music, friends and food before I'm jumpseating back to DFW for the night before working an early morning flight back to Portland. Did I mention sleep? No? Because there wasn't really any.

This morning: Realizing that it is the Friday before Easter and the beginning of Spring Break, therefore all flights from Portland to Seattle are completely full. Grabbing a coffee and pulling out my laptop to problem solve, realizing that there is maybe just maybe one seat left going to Spokane, Washington and then an empty plane going to Seattle. Jumpseating to Spokane and then an hour break and then just one more flight before I'm home free.

No jet bridge, no problem. #regionallife

I love this life, I truly do. Whether it's figuring out what to do because of a weather diversion, getting creative for a couple's 50th anniversary onboard a CRJ700 (Paper napkin flowers, mini chocolates and plastic cups of wine, anyone?) or just finding a way home amidst the chaos of non-revenue standby travel, I love it all.

I love the uncertainty. I love the craziness. I love knowing that no day will ever be like the one before it.

I have to say it. Being a flight attendant, especially for a scrappy little regional airline makes you strong. If you've ever worked six, no eight legs, in one day, you can do anything.

Do you hug your fellow crewmembers when you see them? Because I do. #regionalbestfriends

And I plan of doing just that.

This career has been a trip. I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds for me.


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