Year Two. Month Ten. #SLC.

I've been thinking a lot about balance. Finding balance. Keeping balance. Weight and balance. Airplanes. Working more. ...or maybe working less? Working better. Working smarter. Work balance.

Where will you go today?

I'm trying new things. Yoga, for instance. As you may or may not know, exercise has never been my friend. From my clumsy days in elementary school gym class where I constantly missed the ball to my failed attempt at athletics in high school, I've had an aversion to any sort of organized group sports since I can remember. The thought of walking into a Zumba class or yoga studio terrifies me. And so, I've decided to compromise by doing internet yoga videos.

I am not good at it. 

In my hotel room I sit and stretch my limbs on the ground, perspiring as I watch the yoga instructor on my tiny laptop. I am out of shape and yoga just doesn't give me that "balanced" feeling I was hoping for. But I keep at it, hoping that I am bettering my physical self.

Is it weird that I would rather wear my uniform than yoga pants?

After a particularly grueling solo yoga session, I shower and get ready for my work day.  Putting on my uniform, gliding through the airport with my rollaboard, smiling as my passengers come aboard. These are the seamless moves that I can find joy in. These are my daily poses that help me center myself.

And when I finally take my jumpseat for take-off, reviewing my safety procedures as I adjust my harness, I feel at peace. The plane lifts off and I feel myself pressed into the jumpseat and it is perfect. I breathe in, breathe out. I feel my limbs and the energy flowing through them.

And I find balance.

Remember to breathe and you'll be okay.

At home, balance takes shape in a different way. My schedule will be different for a while. My boyfriend is changing jobs, taking on a challenging internship four days a week while going down to two days a week at his old job. While he is working more, I will be working less. I will stay home more, taking care of the cat and our little house. I will spend most of my week on tiny Whidbey Island, saving money on gas and food by sticking around home.

And I won't be traveling. By choice.

There will be tiny day trips and hikes around the island on our one day a week off together. But with our new schedule and budget, I am determined to stay grounded, at least until the fall. It is a big change for me.

Home sweet home. Deception Pass State Park, Washington, USA, Planet Earth.

But I'm ready for it.

And while I'm finding this new balance, I will be working on my writing. I want to finish a project that I started a long time ago, and I hope that it will be ready to share with all of you very soon.

Okay, 2016. Let's do this.


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