Back To Base.

Year Two. Month Ten. #YYC.

The last time I set out to write a blog post in Canada, it was early fall. The wind was crisp and exciting, the sky still blue and the days a bit longer. I was with one of my favorite crews, and we had several long days in a row to spend in fabulous Calgary, Alberta.

Several months later, I'm here again. This time, though, it's the dead of winter. Grey skies and early nights. This trip hasn't been an easy one, either. Four days, twenty-six hours of work and short layovers with hardly any time to recover.

But it's good credit, and once again, I find myself with a great crew.

I'm eager to get home. I've been feeling uninspired on trips lately. Call it the mid-winter slump, or maybe I'm still recovering from being ill. Whatever it is, it has me wrapped up in my hotel bed eating junk food and watching TV, instead of getting out to explore on my layovers.

This job has so many ups and downs, literally and figuratively. There are months (see December) where I bounce around from Austin to San Diego to Salt Lake City and Milwaukee, exploring and playing and loving every minute of this crazy lifestyle. And then there's months like this past one, where I fill up my schedule with work but suddenly just want nothing more than to be home.

Homesickness is not a bad thing, even in this job. If you feel homesick every single day, you may want to consider a career change, but a twinge of longing for your home and loved ones keeps you grounded, no matter where you are in the world.

I'm feeling homesick today. I want my boyfriend and my cat and my own bed. I want to stand around in the kitchen baking cookies in my pajamas, looking out the window to our backyard. I want to drive around my tiny town running errands. I want to take a stroll along the waterfront and hike along the pass. I want to wake up early and be in bed by nine. I want routine and predictability, instead of delays and cancellations and reflows and Winter Storm Jonas.


Today is day four of my four-day trip. Three legs and then I'll be back in Seattle, and then after a two hour drive I'll be home in my own bed.

I can't wait.

Happy homecoming!


  1. love you post! I will start my training very soon, hopefully I can handle all the situation including homesick... I will definitely miss my lovely cat and my husband...But I think I will be fine! Keep posting, I love your blog! :)


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