Five Days To Travel The World: Part Two.

Year Two. Month Seven. #CPH

Five days off? 

Let's go places.

It was day one of five days off, and I was ready to go with a tiny suitcase, my passport and a longing for a little adventure. 

I arrived at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport a tiny bit late, and after a mix-up with gates (yes, at my own airport, how embarrassing), I was walking down the jet bridge to embark on a ten hour journey to The Netherlands. I was pretty spoiled up in First Class, sipping champagne and being constantly fed. By the time I landed, I was a little tired but mostly well-rested.

Quick selfie with clogs at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is huge, and by the time I walked what felt like three miles, it was time to board by KLM Airlines flight to Copenhagen. The chipper cabin crew in the iconic blue uniforms served us ginger biscuits and little cups of coffee on the quick flight.

On the flight, I listened in as two business men chattered away in Dutch, then switched to English idioms for a while, before dipping into Danish for a moment and then back to Dutch. The flight attendants went in and out of Dutch and English with barely a thought. Cabin crew asked a question to an older woman: "Dutch? Nee, well then, how about English? No? Français? Non? Deutsche? Ja?" And then proceeded to talk to her in German.

The iconic blue livery of KLM Airlines

The flight went by quickly and soon we were landing into Copenhagen. On the ground, the sky was grey and misty, a lot like my Seattle home. I grabbed a sandwich and a coffee at the airport while waiting for my friend and watched the planes coming and going, a favorite past time of mine.

I left the airport and met Kara at the train stop near her hotel. After quickly dropping off my suitcase, we were ready to hit the town.

The beautiful Christianshavn neighborhood of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is cold and dark, but in a friendly way. Twinkling candles in shop windows invite you in, where warm mugs of coffee and conversation await. Kara and I went to her favorite coffee shop, Parterre, where we ate little triangles of avocado toast on dense, dark rye bread. We watched out the window as tiny blonde Danish children walked home from school, chattering away in their native tongue. It was only October, but Copenhagen is one of those places that feels permanently like Christmas.

The next day we met up with Kara's fellow cabin crewmembers, laughing and linking arms as we rode the Metro towards Carlsberg Brewery. We sipped beers and we wandered the old buildings, ending in a big communal beer hall, where we snacked on potato crisps and drank big goblets of Christmas Ale. Afterwards, we visited the famous Elephant Gate which has been immortalized on the Carlsberg beer labels.

Elephants, beers and general silliness at Carlsberg Brewery

As the afternoon progressed, we wandered the town, stopping for coffee along the way. By early evening the muted Scandinavian sun had disappeared, and the city was sparkling with tiny lights and families going out for the weekend. Tiny kids in costumes danced around, and we thought the occasion perfect for visiting Tivoli Gardens.

Tivoli was a magical, beautiful place, full of antique rides and old-fashioned arcade games. We wandered the grounds, trying Danish carnival food and beers and reveling in the 19th century amusement park. An old carousel spun eerily, adding to the haunted feel of the place and an old Dutch windmill rose high above the fairgrounds, lit up from below.

Tivoli Gardens. Whimsical, haunted, magical.

Later, Kara and I wandered home, walking through the still crowded streets, looking into shops and wondering what it was like to live here.

The next morning we woke up early. There was still time, so I enjoyed one last stroll through the city and one last delicious breakfast of avocado, cheese and rye bread. After grabbing my suitcase from the hotel, I bid my farewells and headed back to the Copenhagen airport.

Time for another flight, another country, another adventure.

Goodbye, Copenhagen. I'll be back.
Let's go places.

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