Five Days To Travel The World: Part One.

Year Two. Month Seven. #SEA #AMS #CPH #JFK

I am relaxing on my couch at home, cat purring in my arms, curled up next to my boyfriend.

And we are trying stroopwafel from Amsterdam. And I am describing my jet set weekend to him.

The crispy cookies are delicious. But the coffee in Copenhagen, I say, was surprisingly good as well. And I had this bowl of Matzoh ball soup in the East Village, I remember, that was life-changing.

He nods. This is normal for us.

Back up to five days ago: It is a Tuesday evening and I am packing a little suitcase.

Got your passport? My boyfriend runs down the checklist with me.

Money? Chargers? European power adapter?

He pauses. Are you sure you have enough time? You only have five days off.

Five days to travel the world.

Five days will get you anywhere, if there are seats open.

Us flight attendants don't do well at sitting still. And when you work 127 hours in a month and find yourself with five days off, you feel the need to treat yourself.

Copenhagen was calling, with a quick side trip to Amsterdam as well. The flight loads were looking fantastic and I was ready for a quick mini trip. Holland and Scandinavia had been on my list for a long time. My good friend Kara of commonly has long layovers in Copenhagen, and her endless photos of cute cafes and ship canals had been tempting me for a while.

Europe is mostly uncharted territory for me. Most people are surprised, but I did the whole traveling thing backwards. Bolivia, Chile and Argentina were first on my international list, years and years ago. Then came Asia, a little bit of Central America. And then Israel, which was challenging and amazing. This summer was my first trip to Spain and Western Europe, and I've gotta say, being able to communicate in English in a foreign country was, well, foreign to me.

So last minute, I checked the loads, packed my bags and decided to travel the world. 

In five days.

Let's go places.

Check out Part Two of this mini-series and come jumpseat with me! <3 <3 <3


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