Long Haul.

Year Two. Month Four. #YEG.

Starting a new job, moving to a new city or just turning over a new leaf in life is sort of like falling in love.

First there is infatuation. You are grinning like a crazy person, having finally found happiness. All you see are sparkles and time is at a standstill.

You tell everyone around you about how great this new thing is. You try to get others to move to your new city. You are constantly telling strangers that they should try out a career in your field. You create silly hashtags for your new life, telling yourself that this Honeymoon Stage will last forever.

But somewhere along the line, the Honeymoon Stage is over.

I have been flying for one year, three months and seven days.

I think we're hitting a rough patch.

There have been quarrels before this.

But as in relationships, tiny battles are easily solved. You move forward, brighter in love and affection. Your heart soars, knowing that you have scaled that peak together.

I've overcome some challenges in this job. My finances, although still a struggle, have improved. My seniority has increased, meaning better trips and the days off that I want. I have figured out how to pack my lunch and balance my life and I can pack a suitcase like nobody's business.

But my heart feels dull.

How do I rekindle my love for the skies?

I don't want this to be just a fling. I need to be in this for the long haul.

The Honeymoon Stage is over. Now life begins.


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