Year One.

Month Twelve. Day 30. #SEA. #Lineholder.

I did it.

I survived.

I made it to through Year One.

There were a lot of tears. 

A lot of pulling out my hair. A lot of late night discussions. A lot of life.

And lot of figuring-out-of-stuff.

Like how to be a good friend.

A good partner.

A good housemate.

A good pet owner.

A good person.

And there were a lot of mistakes.

(I wasn't always that great at the aforementioned roles)

But the people (and cats) around me were patient, understanding and kind.

And I thank all of you.

There were unbelievable things that I saw.

And did.

Bike riding in Kyoto. The Northern Lights from the sky over Alberta. Being home for Christmas in Wisconsin. Flying first class to Amsterdam. Getting stuck in airports all over the world. Visiting the Wall of Separation in Palestine. Hiking in Missoula. Drinking beer in Colorado Springs. Eating barbecue in Austin. Boot shopping in Nashville. Wandering the streets of Queretaro. Sharing Thanksgiving with my Seattle family and my flight crew, all on the same day. Labor Day Picnic with my airline family in Fresno. The joy of walking onto one of my small planes and seeing a familiar face. Bidding to work with friends. Long overnights in funny places. New discoveries. Loving my job, finally, for the first time in my life.

And a million other moments.

Year One, you were a beautiful storm.

Now on to Year Two.

#letsgoplaces. #yeartwo. #happyflying.


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