Month Nine. #Lineholder. #SEA.

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. (Why do I feel like I start every post this way?) I started 2015 in Colorado Springs, surrounded by blindingly clean, white snow. Blank slate. Fresh start.

My January took a colder, but very happy turn when I returned to my homeland of Wisconsin for what turned into almost a week long visit. I loved it. I loved scraping ice off my windshield at seven in the morning, when the digits were still negative. I loved eating Danish Kringle every morning from my favorite bakery and drinking way too many mugs of black coffee. I loved playing board games with family and feeling my boyfriend's new niece wiggle around in her mom's tummy, I loved piles of dogs on my lap and breakfast beers, cold noses and warm hugs. Wisconsin is, and always will be my first home.

Back to the Pacific Northwest. I've been working "locals;" just one-day trips where I leave in the morning and come back at night. You know, like a real job? Except for me, a work day involves flying down to Palm Springs or Ontario or maybe just hopping over to Portland for five minutes and then turning the plane right around. It's fun not packing a giant suitcase, and making plans with friends every night. Or seeing my cat. And my boyfriend, of course.

Of course, the pay isn't as good. When we are gone for multiple days, flight attendants receive per diem for every hour they are away from base. Its untaxed, and definitely adds up. But when you are only gone for eight hours a day, the per diem pretty much just covers the cost of public transportation to and from the airport. Or gas, if you have a car. Not very exciting.

But the payoff is more time with people I love. Sometimes, that's the most important thing of all.

Happy flying!


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