Month Six. Reserve. #Everywhere.

The last week of my life looked something like this:

SEA >> SLC >> SFO >> SEA >> MSP >> MKE >> ATW >> DTW >> SEA >> YVR >> SEA >> LGB >> PDX >> SEA.


Life has been flying by at breakneck speeds and I couldn't be happier. Keeping busy is one thing, but keeping adventurous is what I live for. The slight stress of hoping that I'll get on a flight to Salt Lake City for a shift I picked up after a full week of work. Running across three entire terminals and one International concourse in San Francisco to make a flight back home. Immediately arriving back in Seattle just to jump on a redeye flinging me halfway across the country, connecting a few times and finally landing in a tiny town in WisconsinAnd this is all on my days off.

And, of course, when I am working, I'm sitting in that lovely jumpseat, making announcements and making sure my passengers are safe, comfortable and as happy as they possibly can be at 39,000 feet. And when crazy stuff comes up, like, oh, I guess we're diverting to Portland because we are running out of fuel (True story!), I'm calm and collected. I know what I need to do in these situations and I know it will be alright.

This is my life. This is me. I love the chaos. If you see someone running past you in some airport, her hair a mess, uniform skirt all twisted and bunched, a cup off coffee sloshing around in one hand, a bunch of seat request cards in the other ... and a huge, silly grin on her face, that's me.

Happy flying!


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