Month Four. Day Off. #SEA.

It's four in the afternoon on a beautiful grey, misty day on Whidbey Island. I spent the day brunching with my boyfriend, strolling on the boardwalk in downtown Coupeville, window shopping and playing on the beach. Currently I'm enjoying a crisp microbrew and baking cookies while my boyfriend snoozes in his La-Z-Boy recliner.

Perfect, right?

My life feels perfect, my job schedule is perfect (hello, three day "weekends" every week to match my boyfriend's days off). I have an apartment in the city and my boyfriend has a house on an island. We don't have a ton of money but we fly for free and what else really matters?

I'm truly happy. But I'm realizing that there's a difference between "happy" and "satisfied." I'm bad at sitting still. I am always setting new goals, making new plans. I love the airline that I work for. Small enough that I get to work with the same crews over and over, and big enough that we just lent another airline over a billion dollars.

I worked really freaking hard to get this job. Why would I rock the boat now?

One of our mainline partners (maybe this is too big of a hint) employs the motto "Keep Climbing." I love this idea. Never stop improving, never stop seeking. Be happy, but stay hungry for the adventure. What if I am meant to conquer something bigger?

And so this is happening. Full disclosure. I'm applying for mainline jobs. I was invited to interview with Emirates. I'm flying to Phoenix to interview with US Airways in a few days. Delta is opening up the application process next week, and I want to be first in line.

So, this is it. Again. So many new unknowns, and in the end, nothing may come if it. But I would feel right if I didn't at least try.

I'm ready.


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