Reserve Life.

Month Four. Reserve. #SEA.

It's three in the afternoon, I'm sitting at my boyfriend's coffee shop for the millionth day in a row (or so it feels) and one of the employees just timidly asked me "what I do for a living."

Because right now, it sorta seems like I don't work.

It's been nine days since I was actually called to work. I've picked up a shift or two in the last week, but mostly Crew Support has been silent. And so I sit. And wait.

Most people say I'm crazy for complaining. I get paid for a minimum amount of hours per month, whether I work or not. I get to sit around in coffee shops and read and blog and hang out with friends (well, friends who are on reserve, like me).

But that whole "can't sit still" thing? Yeah. That's a problem. And although I get paid for my minimum hours even without working, I don't get paid anything extra. If I was able to work, I'd at least be making a little extra mad money for my crazy travel plans.

This job is all go-go-go one minute and then nothing the next. I just need to enjoy the ride, I guess, and realize that this give me more time to figure out the future of my career in the skies.

Happy flying (or sitting Reserve!)


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