Month Four. Reserve. #AUS

It's two in the afternoon. I'm laying across an empty aisle in the back of a small plane, the lights are off and it's stuffy with mid-afternoon Texas heat. This nap isn't happening.

Sitting still is difficult for me, if you haven't guessed.

While the rest of my crew welcomed the four hour delay in Austin, Texas, I was itching to get moving. I mean, it wasn't that bad, sitting around. Following the discovery of a piece of metal lodged in a tire, our Captain made the wise move to press pause on boarding, and make sure we were safe to fly before getting the passengers on the plane. While our company decided whether to fly in a new tire or an entirely new plane, our little crew of four ate snacks, chatted, read all the celebrity gossip magazines we could find and eventually, snoozed.

Or tried to snooze, anyway.

There's something about sitting still that doesn't quiet ... well, sit with me. Whether I'm home or away, I'm always itching to go to the next spot. I don't know if it's a "the grass is always greener" thing or I am just opposed to routine and order. I like to keep things up in the air. Unpredictable. I like to feel like I could just jump on a plane at any moment and GO. Oh wait, I can...

Adventure is a bit of an addiction, I guess.

It's like this ride, and you want all your best friends and loved ones to jump on board. They do, for a while, to enjoy a quick trip or a whirlwind night or just to make you happy. But then the ride slows down and they smile and say, "That's enough adventure for now, we have to get back to reality." Back to routine. Stability. And it's hard to slow down and realize that you have to balance adventure and life, somehow.

Back in Austin, I'm feeling that restless itch for adventure. As we wait for our mechanical issue to be resolved, I'm looking online at places to go for my upcoming days off. Tokyo. Amsterdam. Buenos Aires. Doing my usual travel day dreaming, casually checking AirBnB and making little lists and half-seriously planning my next crazy quest for adventure.

But then I see a text from someone back home. Reality calling.

"Dinner this week?"

I close the browser windows displaying an open flight to Hanoi and log out of my account.

This week, I will explore sitting still and work on seeing the adventure that is right in front of me.


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