Day 27.

When you dive into the exciting world of the airline industry, you've got to be ready for a few twists and turns.

But today took me by surprise.

I'm a Seattle girl at heart, but I will go anywhere. I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. Moved to the West Coast at 18. Spent a crazy year in New York City. And I've spent a fair amount of time in cities all over the world. Buenos Aires. Seoul. Santiago. Tokyo. La Paz.

And for the past month I've been happily living in Salt Lake City, Utah, so you would think I could handle anything.

One of my many mottos is "Always packed up and ready to go." I even have a suitcase tattooed on my arm, for goodness sake. Just tell me where to go, universe, and I'm there in a heartbeat.

So, of course, the universe just laughed and told me that I am going to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

When I first heard the news, I just smiled. New adventure, I thought. But as the afternoon went on, new fears started planting themselves in my brain and growing like weeds, choking out the good thoughts. What am I going to do in Minneapolis? Why am I even doing this? I thought.

I stepped outside to clear my mind. As I looked up, a small plane was just lifting off the ground at the airport nearby. As I watched, I got goosebumps and shivered. That's why, I thought. Because this is my dream, and I'll never stop being in awe of our big metal birds in the sky.

So, Hello, new domicile. I hear you have good public transportation and a giant mall and sometimes snow. Let's make this work.



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