Week Two.

I'm currently sitting in the back corner of a room, inside of a Starbucks, which is inside of a Barnes and Noble, which happens to be inside of the Mall of America.

It is week two of my new job/life/adventure and day one of my new reserve status. AKA on-call. I am seven hours into sitting stiffly, trying not to wrinkle my uniform and looking at my phone every thirty seconds to see if I am going to work today or not.

Since I don't have a hotel room, or an apartment or even a crashpad yet here in Minneapolis, the places I can hang out are limited to the Mall, coffee shops or random hotel lobbies. And so, I sit in this odd little mall coffee shop, looking professional with my uniform freshly pressed and coffee in hand, with my brand new suitcase all packed and ready to go ... and yet there is nowhere for me to go.

These are going to be the difficult moments. I am more homesick than ever before. I have a slight cold, and wish for nothing more than my couch and my cat and my boyfriend. Leaving my guys back in Seattle yesterday brought on more than the normal amount of tears. With the last six weeks of craziness, May snuck up on me. As I hugged my boyfriend goodbye yesterday, I realized that we would be apart for our two year anniversary, and there was nothing I could really do about it.

And so, here I sit. Today is seeming less like an exciting adventure and more of a reality check.

I know it will get better. Today is just hard.

(Where I want to be right now, with my favorite guys!)


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