Life Benefits.

Day Eleven.

My brain is filled to the brim with aircraft terminology, flight attendant lingo, abbreviations and codes. It's exciting and scary and crazy to think that I will soon be up in the air, zipping all over the country ... and getting paid for it!

There's more to this job than amazing flight benefits though. One of the first days, we were shown a few short clips of airplanes landing under very dangerous circumstances: No landing gear, terrible conditions or even fire. And then something amazing happened. People survived, because of flight crews who were able to direct them to brace and evacuate.

And you thought I was just serving sodas to folks on a plane!

Throughout all the intense safety drills, airplane equipment exams, passenger evacuation workshops and first aid demos, I know I'll be ready to help save lives if the time ever comes.

Until then, I'll just be serving sodas and seeing the world.


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