Day Fifteen.

Halfway there.

It hasn't been easy. The first few day were a crazy high of meeting all these new people and trying to remember names and wondering if you might have just met your new best friends.

Those first few days also consisted of endless hours of paperwork, drug screens, entrance exams and compliance checks; pretty much anything and everything could get us kicked out.

And then there's class: nine or ten hours a day, seven days a week. Hours of homework each night. Tests and exams every few days. There's a lot to learn, and only thirty days to learn it.

It's been a bumpy ride. Two people dropped out before class ever started. One girl failed her entrance exam, and was sent home immediately. Several people have been written up for compliance check (uniform) failures, and one poor young lady was sent home after she was too ill to be in class.

Yesterday we lost one of our best. After an insanely difficult exam (which many of us barely passed) Dennis was dismissed from class. It was a shock to say goodbye to someone who had become such an amazing friend to everyone in the last two weeks.

Two weeks. It's crazy how things can change so quickly. You meet people who suddenly fit into your life so perfectly, you wonder how you never knew them before.

As one of my classmates jokingly said today, 'We're more than BFFs ... we're BFAs!'

The best part is this: Sooner or later, we'll all part ways. We'll be based in different cities, go on to different things, new jobs, new adventures. But we'll always find a way to run into each other again.



  1. I know you're no longer with SkyWest but I just completed day 15 of my training here, and having these posts to look back on the night before my 0430 van time is incredible. Thank you!


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