Ten Days.

It's been ten days. So much has changed.

Portland was amazing. I stayed with an old friend in her cozy little basement apartment, stayed up way too late giggling over bottles of delicious local cider, discussing relationships, life and reminiscing over the last decade of friendship.

Life is good when you have friends like this.

The next day I woke up, feeling happy and centered and ready for another airline interview. I arrived at the hotel, and instead of a feeling of aggressiveness and competition, I was greeted by relaxed looking flight attendants, wearing a mixture of uniforms and street clothes. I was encouraged to grab a coffee and wander around. Everyone was friendly and laid back, so different than any airline interview I have ever attended.

The introductory Q&A lasted almost an hour and a half, mostly because the speaker encouraged us to jump in and ask as many questions as we wanted. I was amazed at the honesty and integrity from the airline workers who offered advice. After a brief break, we were told that every single person would be granted a one-on-one interview that day, which was an absolute miracle. Group interviews, as we now know, are not my strong suit.

My interview with FA Lehi was more like meeting a new friend. We chatted about Portland food carts and the future of car sharing programs. We discussed the company, and I was able to ask a ton of questions, and my interviewer shared about his personal experiences within the company. By the time we wrapped up and I was shaking hands and thanking everyone in the room, I felt absolutely sure that this was the place for me.

I went into my interview feeling transparent and honest and open. I feel like if I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. I presented my real self, and hope that they felt as excited about me as I do about them.

... I got the job.


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