Just wait.

And now I wait.

After a disastrous (Really bad. Not an exaggeration) interview with my DREAM job on Monday, I decided to just let the universe take over. Not that I'm giving up -- because this isn't exactly the industry in which jobs are just handed to you -- but taking a step back and enjoying the journey.

In the past three weeks I have been everywhere. Not just geographically, but emotionally. It's been a good stretch of the spirit, so to speak, and a good test of what it means like to really live in the moment.

On Monday afternoon, I walked away from my terrible interview, allowed myself a five minute cry on the light rail, then got on a BoltBus and went straight to Portland for an interview the following day. And, instead of brooding over my phone/e-mail the entire ride down (waiting and waiting and waiting for an e-mail!), I looked out the window.

I live in a beautiful world. And there is so much to see. And eventually, I'll get the job I am right for with the company that believes in me and I will see the whole world.

It might just take some time.


  1. Love this! I am a Portlander and have seen that view of the Steel Bridge & Convention Center from MAX a gazillion times. I am *hoping* for the email or phone call for my dream job, too.....trying to just let the universe take over, like you did. :)


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