I think I'm gonna like it up here.

The last thirty hours have been amazing. And I've spent most of those thirty hours in heels.

Who am I?!

As previously mentioned, flying into Denver was a breeze. I only packed serious woman interview clothes because, well, that was the whole point of the trip, right? Also I need to learn how to run up and down stairs, across airports and around hotel parking lots in heels and possibly snow.

I love being in a new place by myself. I have no idea why. The sense of adventure, the challenge of figuring out how to get around and what to do is all so exciting when I'm alone. I have no one to freak out to so I just don't. Plus my introverted side gets to come out and play.

After a full day of interview stuff and being super nice and chatting it up with fellow applicants, I needed to break free. So I doubled up my nylons, zipped up my coat and hit the town.

(Also, thank goodness for Car2Go, because I thought about taking the bus but it was 14 degrees outside.)

I had plans to meet up with an old friend whom I hadn't seen in at least three years. We met at a brewery, moved on to a rad little diner and ended up talking about crazy religious cults and old boyfriends and fixed gear bikes at a little ice cream shop. Good stuff.

Later, I navigated Denver in the snow, driving through empty streets at about fifteen miles an hour, smiling as my little tiny car struggled, but made it, back to the hotel.

And it felt so good to know that wherever I am, there will be friends (old or new) to see and places to explore and challenges that I can overcome.

I'm ready for it.


*Yes, I realize that #jetlyfe can also refer to getting really high, but I'm not using it in that sense, I'm using it in the sense of a feeling of peace and acceptance with your surroundings. Also, I want to fly on planes for a living.


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