Okay. It's been three weeks of filling out online applications, recalling ten years of work, residence and life history (these airlines want to know EVERYTHING), researching companies, policies and slogans, writing cover letters and resumes and e-mails.

I had no idea getting a full-time career would be be a full-time job.

And it's frustrating. I have been doing so much work. I have picked my top three airlines, but my number one won't even call me back. I just got an automated rejected e-mail when I submitted an online application. I have begun to recognize rejection just from the subject line. I don't even have to open it.

This is hard.

But I am determined. And I want to do this. And I can do this. Every day, I get a little more excited about a career in the airline industry.

A career. Not such a scary word after all.

Okay, back to "work."


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