Year Three. Month One. #YYC.

It's Springtime in Calgary. The sun is warm, the air balmy. It's 18 degrees celsius according to the sign on the corner, which I guess means it's pretty nice. It's a Friday but I think everyone must have skipped out on work and school for some Canadian holiday, unbeknownst to me. There are kids and adults just lazing about, and the coffee shop that I'm currently in is packed.

I have a fairly long layover here right now, at least as far as regionals go. I'm glad I got outside. Sometimes layovers turn into just catching up on sleep. But I'm here, it's a beautiful day and I need to embrace every single layover at my little airline.

I'm having this realization: nothing is forever. Layovers come and go. Routes change. Contracts change. Airlines merge and go away. Jobs change. Who knows where I will go tomorrow, or the day after that.

But today I am here.

I need to be present in the moment. I need to not worry about the future or my schedule or whether or not we will have a mechanical issue tomorrow. I need to treat every flight like it's my first and last with the company, and be just as enthusiastic and grateful for the chance to do my best.

Be present wherever you are.

Be here.


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