Year Two. Month Two. #YYC.

This month has been crazy.

(Las Vegas.
Salt Lake City.
Jeju Island.
San Francisco.
Green Bay.
Monterrey, Mexico.

...and it's not even over yet.)

Sometimes, I don't even know how I fit my life into twenty-four hours. Each day is packed to the brim, and each moment and place in time a detailed snapshot of my own crazy story.

Maybe I'm afraid. Afraid that if I don't live every day to the fullest, I will feel as though I have missed out on something.

But perhaps I'm moving so fast that I'm missing out on what's right in front of me.

Last night's snapshot: Standing in the parking lot of an empty store in a small town in the Midwest. The sky is inky black, just a sliver of red sunset remains on the horizon. There is a thundercloud forming silently; I close my eyes. A million childhood memories of Midwest summer storms whip across the backs of my eyelids. My boyfriend's mom and sister are loading a baby bassinet into the trunk. We made it just in time, before the store closed it's doors. 

Checking our phones, we see photos sent from Tim and his dad, who were left in charge of the family's first grandchild and Tim's first niece. The baby is fussy, and they are rocking her to sleep. We coo over the photos and then jump in the car to glide over long country roads next to newborn corn in the fields, too small to be bothered by the impending thunder.

We open the windows, inhaling the indescribable smell of the sky opening up. The frogs creak and groan in a chorus of thousands. I stick my hand out and touch the first drop of rain. We hurry home to warmth and shelter and family.

These are the moments I truly crave. These are the moments that I never want to miss out on.

Love the adventure that is your life, and go chase your dreams.

Just remember what you are leaving behind.


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