Month Nine. Lineholder. #AMS

Yesterday started out spectacularly. I took a bus to a ferry to a train to a plane. I was packed up, prepared and ready to travel from Seattle to Tel Aviv by way of Amsterdam for this little blogging adventure with Kara.

I got my seat assignment for the ten-hour flight to Amsterdam, got first class (hurrah!) and enjoyed a lovely flight full of food, champagne and a good read.

And then I landed in Amsterdam. The sun was rising over the canal as we touched down, and I hurried through the airport, barely believing that I was actually in Europe.

But then, everything went downhill.

I arrived at my next gate and was met by armed guards. I was going to have to undergo "extra" security measures. I was led to a small basement office where I was grilled about my reasons for visiting Israel. I was in shock: I had never considered that I would have to explain my reason for traveling to anyone, besides the standard "business or tourism?" question that I normally encountered at customs.

After an intrusive interview, luggage rummaging (alas, all my carefully packed quart-sized bags, all ripped open!) and general ruffling of the spirit, I was denied boarding.

Me. Denied.

I maintained my composure well enough (read: I burst into tears as I gathered my ripped apart backpack) and walked away. I watched the El Al Airlines flight taxi away and take off. I sat with a cold coffee and a croissant and stewed.

I could just go home.

I really could. And I would probably get first class on the way back, too.

But then, as I'm looking at photos that Kara has already posted, and thinking of all the plans we have already made, and how hard and worked to figure out the perfect itinerary for us ... I can't just give up.

And so I listed for another flight to Tel Aviv. It's on KLM this time, an iconic airline I've always wanted to fly. It arrives in Tel Aviv at 2:30am local time, so it will be an adventure. I am expected in Jerusalem by 8:00am, so there is another journey to be had.

Okay, friends. Send me your adventurous spirit and positive vibes.

Let's go places.

Happy adventuring, friends!


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