Month Eight. Lineholder. #SEA.

I woke up this morning in my own bed, in my own little apartment, with my cat purring at my feet. The evening before consisted of a homemade meal with my boyfriend, a bottle of wine and catching up on our favorite television shows.

Today, I took a bus to downtown Seattle to visit the coffee shop where my friend Chase works. We caught up over her lunch break and later I curled up in a corner to observe my surroundings.

Downtown Seattle on a grey January Saturday morning: rolling concrete hills with buses dipping up and down, breaching like some sort of metallic land-dwelling whale. The buzz of taxis and smart cars, folks bundled up in flannel and knit caps, standing around waiting for their table for brunch.

Coffee: delicious and precise, the minuscule foam layer quietly dissipating, begging you to enjoy your beverage quickly. Moments like these cannot be savored, they must be gulped down greedily. Take these snapshots of happiness in your mind because they won't last forever.

That's how I feel about my life right now. The airline industry can change in an instant, my city is rapidly becoming a metropolis and I myself am changing -- priorities are shifting and I feel myself looking for a place to land in all the chaos.

Yet with a job like this, the winds never truly settle down. They change direction, force and sometimes even propel you upwards. But for those few brief seconds when you float down to earth, you can exhale, recharge and reorient yourself. Use these moments to keep yourself grounded.

And then get ready to be swept up again in the gale.

Happy flying, friends!


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