Adventure Awaits.

Month Nine. Lineholder. #SEA.

It's really happening.

The travel bug has got me again. I thought I had cured this tic, that little voice at the back of my mind that says, Adventure! but I guess not. 

Three months ago I was staying up all night on my last, wild night in Kyoto with my BFFA, Chase. What had begun as a quiet night stroll had ended in a karaoke lounge with two other Americans (randomly from Seattle, too!) and about a dozen Japanese business men and a plethora of Katy Perry songs.

Later as Chase and I giggled and swerved wildly on our bikes towards our friend's apartment, I thought, "This is it. I need to slow my roll, take some time to be home and stay grounded."

And I did. I returned home the next day, hugged my loved ones and told them, "Don't worry, I'll be around for a while." And besides two quick trips home to Wisconsin, I was right. I am home. Home is good and so needed.

But then last week, Kara sends me an e-mail. Inside the e-mail is a question.


And there it is, the old travel bug has been stirred up. The adventure of getting half way across the world, hitchhiking on planes as I am apt to do. I am dreaming of long haul flights, hopping around airports in Europe, ID90 fares and finally landing in Tel Aviv. And then there is the adventure of exploring a brand new (to me!) place, learning Hebrew phrases, trying new food, meeting new friends and all the possibilities of the unknown.

And I know it's happening. I am already on my way there, in my mind. I am hugging my loved ones goodbye (just for a few days!) and they (understanding, as always) will be waiting for me when I return, exhausted, ready to be home again.

Here we go. Adventure awaits.

Let's go places, friends.


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