Month Six. Reserve. #SEA #LGB #FAT #IAH #QRO

I have been flying.

Literally, and figuratively. Ever since I made that one big huge life decision, I feel like the universe has been rewarding me for having faith that it will all work out, somehow.

Last Thursday night, I was at a dinner party in Seattle, drinking wine after one of my friends had hosted a documentary film screening. Sometimes I am only in town for twenty-four hours at a time (or less), but I always seem to be able to catch important moments like this. Luck, I guess. The night went late, and when I finally collapsed into bed I momentarily regretted the fact that I only had three hours until I was back on reserve, waiting for a call from Crew Support.

And whaddya know, they called me just about three hours later. With a four day-long trip.

Oh, life. I threw on my uniform in the dark, grabbed my suitcase and badge, and kissing my boyfriend and cat goodbye, headed out into the dewy early morning. You might think that my lack of sleep or slight wine-related headache would have made me grumpy, but no. I was grinning as I boarded the bus in the rain to head to the airport. I love this life that I have chosen and wouldn't change a thing.

The next four days I spent in Fresno, with a few hours of flying every morning before an 18-hour overnight at the same hotel every evening. Fresno is a pretty common trip for my company, and before long, it started to feel like Camp Crew Life. The same flight crews from different bases, pizza or barbecue by the pool every night, inside jokes and our favorite: complaining. Except that while we sat by the pool racking up our per diem, it seemed difficult to find anything to really complain about!

On Monday morning, I headed home to Seattle, happy to see my boyfriend and cat for a brief evening. Sushi and Sapporo in our favorite little neighborhood spot, a little TV and then I was off to the airport again. Yep, I was headed out again on another trip.

I jumped on a red-eye to Houston that evening and attempted to sleep while squished between two large old men. Luckily, ear plugs and sleep masks were invented for a reason. I arrived at IAH, caught a 3-hour nap in the crew lounge dark room and then freshened up for a two-day trip in Queretaro, Mexico.

There are moments when you feel like your life can't possibly be real. Our little plane, pretty much empty with only thirty passengers, most of whom were peacefully asleep in the mid-morning light. The moment where your stomach drops a little bit as the wheels leave the ground and you realize that humans can fly. Sitting in the back row by yourself, face pressed to the window like a little kid, excited about going somewhere new and fresh and full of adventure. Finding yourself continually amazed that you are paid to do this.

Querétaro was beautiful. Our hotel, built into a cliffside, gave us breathtaking views of the entire region. My crew took a taxi downtown, wandering around old churches and cobblestone streets. We found a little cafe and ordered mango water and sopes, then gorged ourselves on Mexican candy at a confitería. At night, I sat in the darkened hotel bar and sipped a margarita while the sun set over the city.

The next morning we got back on our little plane and returned to Houston. I grabbed coffee with a friend in the airport, then jumped on a big plane back to Seattle.

Life is good and adventurous and non-stop.

I can't wait to see what next week will bring.

Happy Flying!


  1. Loved or doughnuts and coffee fingers crossed we can do it again soon.

    1. It was SO good to see you at IAH, Nicole!!! I need to go back there just for those doughnuts... yummmm!


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