Month Five. Reserve. #MSO, #YEG, #SNA

A week ago I was in Missoula, Montana. A few days after that, Edmonton, Alberta. Less than 48 hours after crossing the border twice, I found myself in Newport, California.

And then of course there was El Paso, Seattle and Salt Lake City stops along along the way.

This morning, after getting back from the airport at 6:30am, I missed a meeting. I rarely am late for things, let alone miss things that I have set three alarms and two alerts for on my phone. I think I am just wiped out, delirious from jetting up and down the Western half of North America.

Not complaining. Although my work rarely calls me in on my reserve days, I find ways to keep busy by picking up trips on my days off, or begging Crew Support to give me a shift. And in between working, I pick up little adventures on my days off. Hiking around Flathead Lake under Montana skies. Grabbing burgers at In N Out on a balmy California evening. Feeling snow flakes tickle my face in the freezing cold northernlands of Canada.

And of course, I'm keeping up with my posts on two separate blogs, responding to my followers, maintaining my Instagram and re-doing my website. And planning several adventure trips over the next few weeks.

With all this, I'm also taking on a second job, doing administrative work for a non-profit I used to work with. Or, I was trying to. Until I missed my meeting.

How did not working at all turn into not having any time to see my cat or my boyfriend?

Maybe it's time to slow down. Instead of a 36-hour romp in NYC with friends next week, I'm going to go up to Whidbey Island with my boyfriend. Instead of running around Salt Lake City the following week, I think I'll go to Wisconsin and visit family. And although I still want to go to Alaska the first week of October, maybe I'll consider just spending time at home. Breathing. Being. Decelerating.

Sometimes you gotta slow down so that the world can catch up.

Happy Flying!


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