Month Five. Reserve. #SEA.

You know that feeling, when you're a kid, and that long-awaited toy/comic book/video game/special edition 1996 Olympic Gymnastics Barbie (just hypothetically speaking) finally comes out and you are so excited to get your hands on it but your parents are all like: "You'll shoot your eye out, kid." and you're like "buuuut MOM!?!"


I feel a little like Ralphie right now.

It's tough, getting into this crazy world of the airline industry, and its even tougher getting through training and balancing out your crazy new life. But once you're finally on your feet, you want to share some of your excitement about the fact that the entire world is now at your fingertips and that adventure awaits you.

But then your friends and family and loved ones are all like, "Wait, are you going to make it to that thing we have planned on Saturday night?"

Or: "How are you going to get back in time for work?"

And the worst: "Aren't you pretty much broke right now?"

Right. Reality checks are a bummer, and it's even more soul-crushing when it comes from your nearest and dearest. You want to yell: "But I can finally travel the world!" But they just want to know if you can or can't make it to Happy Hour on Thursday.

And they're all totally correct about your financial situation. And your lack of days off. But you just want them to jump up and down with you and yell with happiness when you discover that you can fly roundtrip, First Class, to Tokyo for just $44. And flights look wide open.

Not that you necessarily will jump on the next plane. You know you have a cat to take care of, bills upon bills to pay and six days of Reserve Duty to deal with.

So you bite your tongue, and keep six secret travel tabs open on your browser, smile, and dream about jumpseating around the world.

You'll get there someday. It might just take time.

Happy Dreaming!


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