Announcements. Part One.

Month Four. Day off. #PHX.

In the last week, my life has been turned upside down.

It all started a few days ago. Sitting up on the house on Whidbey Island, enjoying one of those rare late summer afternoons where all you can hear is crickets and the buzz of the wires and the faint sound of a lawnmower. I was sitting on the back deck, breathing in the warm scent of recently cut grass and reading a book (Check out my summer travel reading list here!), when my phone beeped.

E-mails. I usually hate to check 'em on my days off, but I decided to take a glance anyways. It was an e-mail from Kara, over at, my blog crush of the moment. I read through the e-mail, almost yelling from happiness. Another blogger actually found my blog, and liked it enough to e-mail me!? And she wants me to maybe contribute to her blog? AMAZING!

As a writer, the best compliment one can receive is from another writer. I've always written for myself, and never really checked "statistics" or "clicks." I didn't even know how to check those things until recently.

But in the past few weeks I've had some wonderful interactions with people about my blog. JT, my dear Mesa flight attendant friend, told me a few weeks ago that my blog reminded him of why he became a flight attendant. Another friend messaged me, telling me that she was inspired by my writing, and wanted to travel more herself. Other people have asked me how they can become a flight attendant, and I have been thrilled to share with them what I know of the process.

All this isn't to brag, or to bring attention to my blog. I just wanted you guys to know that you warm my little heart, and if my writing can inspire one person to get on a plane and GO, I've done my job.

Happy Flying!


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