I'm here and I'm in one piece.

My brain, however, is pretty scattered.

The last day and a half has been insane. Monday was pretty rough [see previous post]. I couldn't sleep and spent all of Tuesday cuddled up in bed, just in shock. Before I had time to really think or feel, it was Wednesday morning and I was scrambling to get to the airport. After one minor break down, one re-application of mascara and one giant breakfast at Randy's, I was loaded onto a plane and on my way to Flight Attendant training in Salt Lake City, Utah.

After a connection in SFO in which I spent getting lost and attempting to walk in a new pair of heels (HINT: Never test out new heels on travel day), I was on my way on a lovely little CRJ 200 ("the fifty," as in a 50 passenger Canadair Reginion Jet) to SLC.

I landed in SLC and went straight to the hotel where I was to be spending the next month of my life. I soon ran into five other New Hires, including my AMAZING roommate Kelley! Kelley had sat next to me at the interview in Portland over a month ago, and somehow we both found each other again here in SLC.

Soon, our little group had migrated over to a Chinese restaurant where we shared our fears and excitement over Lo Mein and potstickers. Day One of FA training is infamous for weeding out the unprepared Trainees. Show up without your papers in order or without having your study material memorized, and you go straight home. Fired. No questions asked.

As we nervously pondered how we would ever make it past Day One, our fortune cookies arrived at the table. We cracked them open.

"Stick together, and you'll be okay."

We can do this.


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