Day 21.

I have no idea what day of the week it is, let alone what month. All I know is how many days I have left of training.

We're in the middle of Crash Week (I'll explain later) and it's intense. My sleep schedule is averaging about five hours a night and my eating habits have become ...bizarre (I ate cranberries and old pasta for lunch yesterday). Classroom days are at about eleven hours and becoming increasingly longer. The amount of information that we need to absorb, retain and then regurgitate in test form is mind-boggling. I feel like I constantly have a mild case of hypoxia* and I don't know what to do about it.

So I just keep on giggling.

This is where my amazing friends come in handy. These people who I had no idea existed three weeks ago I now spend about twelve to sixteen hours a day with, inside and outside the classroom. Late nights consist of us running around between our respective hotel rooms, bringing each other food and clothes and gossip and laughing so hard we spit. We already have a zillion inside jokes that we'll be laughing about (and confusing everyone else with) for years.

So even while school is stressful, I have twenty-six amazing friends who know exactly what I'm going through.

I can't wait to have a zillion adventures with these fine folks.

*Hypoxia: when your body doesn't get enough oxygen and you start getting loopy. For the wikipedia definition click here and for my fine drawing skills click here


  1. Envisioning you and your giggling friends brought to mind when one of your elementary friends was laughing so hard that milk came out of her nose during lunch at J.E. Jones. Life just comes full circle, doesn't it?


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