Airplane Mode.

It's been five days since I found out that I'm going to be a real, live flight attendant!

Last Wednesday, it had been just over a week since my interview and I hadn't heard a thing. I was going crazy with the "not knowing," so I decided to step back a little bit.

The day happened to be absolutely gorgeous, over 60 degrees and the sun shining in full force. My boyfriend and I headed over to Deception Pass and walked along the beach, collecting stones and shells. We discovered a new trail and ended up at the top of Goose Rock, with views as far south as Penn Cove and north up to Vancouver Island, Canada. We watched military jets from the nearby Navy base zoom off into the unknown.

As I went to check my phone to see if The E-mail had arrived yet, my phone made an off buzzing sound and announced that it was out of range (it actually thought we were in Canada!). Off the grid. No way to know if I had a job or not, and no need to worry. I smiled and turned my phone to Airplane mode.

The rest of the day was all picnics, sunshine and afternoon naps. My boyfriend and I made dinner and watched a movie. I forgot what I was waiting for, remembering what I already had.

The next day, I remembered that my phone was still in Airplane mode. Turning it off, a slew of e-mails loaded onto my phone. And then I saw The E-mail.

Good things happen when you're in Airplane mode.


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