Up in the air.

Okay. Just hear me out.

I love traveling. I love people. I'm friendly and think fast on my feet. But can that really be a job?

A few years ago, when all those Pan Am and Mad Men type shows were on, I thought, "maybe I should be a flight attendant." So I started looking online. I filled out a few applications and waited.

And waited. Nothing really happened. It turns out that Pan Am and Mad Men actually incited half the country to try to become flight attendants. I got one interview and I didn't even make it past the first round.

Oh well. I gave up, worked at a restaurant for a few years, almost fell in love and moved to New York to become a freelance blogger and writer. It didn't pay the bills. I ended up being a broke cocktail waitress. Finally I gave up and moved with my cat (no more boyfriend) and a few suitcases back across the country to Seattle again. And there is three years of my life in one paragraph.

I tried a few different career routes. I applied to be a social media marketing specialist. I looked into being a saleswoman. I tried getting a job in real estate. Nothing. My years of friendly service and a great attitude did me no good in these fields.

...So, maybe it's time to try this whole flight attendant thing out again?


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