I'm not a very superstitious person, but in the last year I've come to be more in tune with the signs and hints that the universe is giving me. I am not saying that I listen to everything; rather I take in what I see and allow it to encourage or challenge me. If my horoscope says that I will have a conflict with an acquaintance, I immediately start looking for ways to improve communication with my friends and co-workers, so avoid any sort of altercation that could arise.

Last year, I found myself at Sens┼Ź-ji temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, where there was an option to request a fortune for 100 yen ($1 USD). My good friend went before me. Her fortune was one of happiness and love. I put my 100 yen coin in the slot, took a key and opened the little compartment that held my paper fortune. As I unfurled it, I realized that 2014 was going to be a kick in the teeth.

Not great. But you remember that whole determination thing I've got?

Yeah. I'm gonna kick 2014's butt.


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