This next step in my life is a going to be a big one. I am tired of instability and switching jobs. I want a company that I can stand by for at least the next five years of my life, and hopefully more.

Last night my boyfriend noticed that I was agitated. The emotional high following my interview in Denver on Tuesday was dying down. I was starting to ask myself if I had picked the wrong company. Small planes, terrible bases, no paid training and a history of instability. But an okay starting pay. And, oh yeah, a pending job offer.

But should I grab the first airline job that comes my way? I know its insanely competitive. As little as five percent of all applicants are ever hired. And its not a money career. But if this is what I want to do, shouldn't I be picky about what company I'm going to work for?

And so, my boyfriend asked, what are you going to do? Take it or wait for your dream airline to come around?

I'm going to wait.


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